Natalia Barberis is a skilled fine art photographer that also specializes in portrait, landscape and editorial photography. Her goals and aspirations with her photography are to capture the essence of a person, a place, or a memory in her images. Along with this, she loves the art of story telling and she strives to create a narrative with every shot she takes. Her fine art work documents life styles that address the every day banalities. She looks for inspiration in her immediate surroundings and artists of all mediums. In a lot of her documentary work, she gets to know the subjects as best possible and in that way capture their personality and minds.

In addition to her work being featured in exhibitions at Resolution Gallery and Artpoint Gallery, she has also been published in Major Photoshop Tutorial Website Phlearn and Unbound Morpheum Magazine. Barberis, has also been recognized for her academic achievement; being awarded the President’s Entrance Scholarship for International Students as well as the Photography Major Student Recognition Award for Excellence.