We all wonder where this will take us. Questioning whether we have made the right decision. Whether we will benefit from it in the long run? But why not if we are young and have the world at our feet? Why not now? The feeling of urgency and imperativeness to see what's out there, to meet new people, to feel rewarded, to feel new. To feel. It is gnawing at us. No matter the doubts, we have the gut instinct that we will be okay and we will survive. And if we don't, it will make for a good story. 

Life, experiences, like a particular special road trip are unique and cherished as unforgettable memories. It is only human to consider events and emotions in our lives important and the quintessence of our existence. Our lives are so true to ourselves and the 'other' is merely a superficial being that orbits and influences our environment, according to Immanuel Kant; we can only support our own existence from personal experience. But through imagery and language, artists like Frida Kahlo, Nan Goldin, and Julio Cortázar are able to express emotions that are common to all. 

I watch her stare out the car window. I watch her brain working like an engine; fuelled by her dreams and fantasies. I know she's not thinking about everyday banalities, because of that spark in her eye and the wrinkle above her brow. Her complexity, her inconsistency, and her unpredictability. All hers and yet not. Things she has picked up along the way from people, from writers, from singers. 

In a grander scope of the history of emotions, one particular man's problems become minute. Fleeting moments that seem current and real to ourselves have probably existed innumerable times in the history of man; what I experience at a particular moments, was presumably someone else's struggle at some point in history. Honest moments of melancholy, nostalgia, happiness and boredom are temporal and ephemeral and do not last. Yet they are relatable and timeless components of human experience. 

We trek around the big city blocks laughing and getting to know each other. The air is crisp and full of self-confidence. Talking science and metaphysics, existentialism, medicine, and art. All wondering deep down "how is what I'm doing making the world a better place?" While some of us ask ourselves "why am I even doing this if no one cares?" There are some of us who believe there is no true purpose to life, therefore everyday is a new one, and we can be a new person tomorrow. 

By documenting unapologetically honest experiences and relationships with the intention of displaying the importance of detail, I explore those fleeting moments and emotions that surround life. Those seemingly mundane moments explore the connection of the viewer and the subject through various mental states. No matter the particular situation, age, or location, everyone has felt shame, apathy, or disinterest. I explore the core of humanity, our ability to think and consciously feel, and connect with each other.